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One of my favorites.

I have been looking for this one for ages.  None of Gary Larson’s cartoons are supposed to be on the Internet, by his specific request, so this is a little blasphemous and I’ll be morally questionable and just link to the cartoon rather than reblog it.

Morality and copyright aside, I love this one particularly because when I saw this it  as a kid I  never got the joke. I thought “fud” rhymed with mud, and that  this was just going to be another one of those few Gary Larson cartoons that I could stare at for hours and not get (kinda like a magic eye puzzle). One day I was walking down the street, and it had been years since I’d seen the cartoon, and I was like “Oh. Cat food!” and started laughing out loud at the idea that a dog would be devious enough to set a cat trap, understand the workings of an appliance, be clever enough to write in English, but still, being a dog, not smart enough to get beyond phonetic spelling.

And of course, that it took me years to get the joke puts me on the same level as the dog, don’t it.

Love you, Gary Larson.